Does Virus-Like Particle Vaccines against Respiratory Viruses and Protozoan Parasites?

  The field of vaccinology underwent huge advances over the past decades with the introduction of virus-like particles (VLPs), a supra-molecular nanoparticle vaccine platform that resembles infectious agent structures while not the power to duplicate in hosts Virus-like particles (VLPs) area unit virus-derived structures created from one or a lot of completely different molecules with the power to self-assemble, mimicking the shape and size of a pestilence particle however lacking the genetic material so that they aren't capable of infecting the host cell. Expression and self-assembly of the infectious agent structural proteins will surface in numerous living or a cellular expression systems when that the infectious agent structures will be assembled and reconstructed. VLPs area unit gaining in quality within the field of medicine and thus far, a good vary of VLP-based candidate vaccines are developed for protection against numerous infectious agents, the most recent of that

Why the spread of antimicrobial resistance is more?

  Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one in every of the foremost serious world public health threats during this century. Fighting this threat could be a public health priority that needs a cooperative world approach across sectors. Resistant microbes area unit tougher to treat, requiring higher doses, or various medications which can prove additional toxic. These approaches may additionally be dearer. Microbes proof against multiple antimicrobials area unit referred to as multidrug resistant (MDR). Resistance in bacteria will arise naturally, by modification, or by one species getting resistance from another although the use   of antimicrobials in cultivation and livestock has been reduced in many countries, these compounds area unit still habitually applied in animal production, and contribute to ARGs emergence and unfold among bacteria. ARGs area unit transmitted to humans in the main through the consumption of merchandise of animal origin (PAO). bacterium will gift intrinsic resis